Wheelbarrows of Lettuce!

It’s….MARKET TIME! And we sure hope you have a hunkering for salad fixings….
Things gotta a little bit crazy this week at Willowood Farm! With all the unseasonally hot weather all our head lettuce came on QUICKLY especially the fabulous heirloom baby butterheads! We are offering a “Red Wheelbarrow Special!”, baby butterheads for only $1.50 or 3 for $3!
Check them out at the Coupeville and Bayview markets tomorrow. Along with a lot of other great, organically grown veggies including:
* Tuscan Kale
* Swiss Chard
* Orach (aka Mountain Spinach)
* Collards
* Leaf Lettuce Mix
* Mesclun
* Lots more head lettuce
* Garlic Scapes
And from Wilbur and Julieanna at Prairie Bottom Farm:
* Semi-Savoy Spinach
* Red Bordeaux Spinach
* Baby Carrots
*Beet Bunches
*Baby Fennel
*Green Onions and probably lots more we are forgetting!
Don’t forget to look for the AWESOME tractor and trailer booth that we are now happy to call home at the Coupeville market….Wilbur (photo above – what a ham!), Julieanna and Elizabeth will be “working the trailer.” Georgie and Willow will be holding down the tent at Bayview. We sure hope to see you there!
And some more photos…



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