Fava Freedom!

Fava Freedom! We needed this photo for last week with 4th of July and all (kudos to the interns for snapping this great shot)! Doesn’t it look like they are little green rockets getting ready to blast off? Off to spread their message of legume love to the world?
This photo does seem apropos for this week however, as the “Sound of Freedom” jets have been in action a lot this week flying their touch and go circles around the farm, as those jet fuel streaks in the photo attest to.
It is an interesting juxtaposition this photo, fava beans being one of our most ancient vegetables, first cultivated around 6000 BC. And still thriving, even amongst the trappings of a modern, fast-paced, jet-fueled world…Hmm…I’m not sure what it all means, since I cooked my brain out in the sun today harvesting garlic, but I’m sure in means something important. If any of you can figure it out, well drop me a note and let me know!
And now, on to the goodies…
Coming to the Bayview and Coupeville farmer’s markets tomorrow (and for those of you attending the OH market, we were unable to attend unexpectedly this week, we expect to be back on track next week…):
From Willowood Farm-
* Arugula
* Yukina Savoy Tatsoi
* Spinach
* Beets – Red Detroit, Chioggia and Golden! Big and BEE-YOOTIFUL!
* Kohlrabi
* Kale – baby Tuscan bunches from a new crop! Extra tender and sweet!
* Radicchio and Frisee Endive (Bayview only, cuz you guys have been asking for those lovely bitter greens!)
* Fava Beans! (or course)
* Head Lettuce
* Pea Vines
* Baby Green Cabbages
* Carrots
* Broccoli
* Sugar Snap and Snow Peas
* Walla Walla and Torpedo onions
* Fresh Garlic
And from Prairie Bottom Farm
* Bulb Fennel
* Salad Onions – multiple kinds
* Baby spinach
* Shelling Peas
* Beet Bottoms
* BIG carrot bunches
* Maybe a few green beans – I heard a rumor….????
And more stuff, for sure, but Wilbur (are you reading this Wilbur???? has yet to send me his list tonite so I’m not sure what all he’s got but I know he’s been busy! Ahem, Wilbur!!!!?????).
For a final note, a reminder that yes, Garlic Harvest Party tomorrow at Willowood Farm. And yes, we are feeling a bit desperate for any and all help! A lot of garlic yet left to clean! If you would like to come, check out the previous posting for info and directions.
Thanks for reading and your support of local, Whidbey Island farms!
Georgie Smith, Farmer
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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