The Turkey Hoe-Down….

Turkey feet up…
Turkey feet down…
Don’t ever put more than one foot down!

Gobble and whistle, shake and preen
Flip your feathers and swing
back around!
And don’t ever put more than one foot down!

And that would be the Prairie Turkey Hoe-Down!
So on that note, the turkeys – we have a small flock of 12 – were hanging out enjoying our company and begging for any veggie left-overs out of the packing shed this afternoon. (And for anyone who hasn’t been around turkeys, they are amazingly sociable, curious creatures). Lucky for you (and not so lucky for the turkeys), we only tossed the turkeys the trimmings of the following fabulous vegetables…Coming tomorrow, to the Bayview and Coupevile Farmer’s Markets:
From Willowood Farm
* 4 KINDS of new taters – Reds, yellows, whites! Yummy!
* Glorious green kohlrabi
* Baby green cabbages
* Quinoa greens (yummy, think spinach like, but with a nuttier flavor)
* Rainbow Chard
* Huge, beautiful bunches of kale
* Rhubarb
* Loads of onions – Torpedo onions, tropeana tonda onions, cippolini onions, ailsa crag onions…
* Broccoli
* Pea Vines – with beautiful little flowers
* Baby bulb fennel – new crop thinnings…
* Gourmet garlic, several kinds!

From Prairie Bottom Farm
* Carrots, carrots and more carrots
* Beets, beets and more beets!
* Fava beans
* Even more onions
* Savoy cabbage
* Roma Green beans (limited quantities)…

You might notice from the list, not a lot of salad greens at the moment! That’s what the hot weather does! But, more on their way…Also coming soons – LOADS more fresh green beans, lots of peas, fresh chickpea bunches, more garlic, summer squash, more cabbage, etc, etc, etc…
We hope to see you tomorrow! And for those of you in Coupeville, remember, not market the following weekend (Aug 1-2), due to the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival so don’t forget to LOAD UP NOW!

Happy local eating!

Georgie Smith, Farmer
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


4 thoughts on “The Turkey Hoe-Down….

  1. I am ready to use my credit and pick up my half gal. It is time to start again. Sorry timing is bad this year for helping pick and plant hopefully in August.Call with a good time to come and pick up beets and thingsMary Leonard 678-1680

  2. Hi Georgie~Thought I would share with your readers a recipe I devised for kohlrabi last night. I bought a beautiful large green kohlrabi from Willowood at the Thursday market and once home I went to work to figure out what I would do with it. To be honest, I'd never tried kohlrabi until this year and I'll have to agree with you on the glorious part, you've got me hooked. Because kohlrabi seems to be pretty versatile, this recipe can and should be tweaked to the individuals' liking.Ingredients:1 kohlrabi or 1/2 kohlrabi if it is too large, greens and all1/2 onion chopped to your liking1/2 red bell pepper sliced into strips2 or 3 garlic cloves, chopped or slicedolive oilcayenne peppersaltlemon wedgesFirst: *trim greens, removing thick stalk. *layer leaf on leaf, cut pile in half lengthwise then cut into 1" strips crosswise.*parboil until your liking. The greens can be a bit tough so a longer than usual boiling time may be required.If there are too many greens, refrigerate what you don't need. Same with the bulb(is it a bulb?)While greens are parboiling, *quarter the kohlrabi and steam until partially cooked*peel, then slice into thick strips or whatever is to your liking. Drain the greens and saute in olive oil for a few minutes (again maybe longer) then add onion, red bell pepper, garlic, cayenne and salt.* Saute until your desired tendernessServe with lemon wedges. Is very good with freshly squeezed lemon.This is almost a meal itself.Hope you enjoy!Julie L.

  3. I was driving home today and saw a semi full of unhappy white chickens over stuffed into small cages going to Tyson Foods. …nothing furiates me more than seeing this again and again. It's great to see that Georgie is raising Turkeys and hens in a decent/respectable way.On a different note, I put an offer in on a beautiful 65 acre farm today. I hope the previous other offer that is in falls through.

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