Last Chance for Local Produce!

Well, not the last chance ever – but the last chance in 2009!  Today is the last Bayview Farmer’s Market Holiday Fair and Willowood Farm is bringing the green! We dug deep (sometimes literally), for one last great farmer’s market.
Surviving the recent deep freeze, was quite a range still of lovely veggies:
* Collards
* Fabulous Flat Cabbages and Lovelier Red Cabbages Too!
* Mixed Baby Kale
* Baby Spinach!
* Baby Palla Rossa Radicchios (similar to Belgian Endive)
* Carrots!
* Rutabagas (in their prime right now too – perfect size!)
* Japanese Salad Turnips
* Kohlrabi
* Jerusalem Artichokes (aka Sunchokes)
From the storage cellar we will be bringing:
* Potatoes! Potatoes! Potatoes!  Several kinds, including fingerlings.
* Garlic!
* Winter Squash
* Dry Beans
We are also hoping for a early morning delivery from our neighbors Prairie Bottom Farms with leeks, beets and (we hear rumors…) maybe even some Rockwell Beans!
On top of all that fabulous fresh food, Willowood Farm is also featuring a number of great Holiday Food Gift Ideas including –
* Garlic Braids, Garlic Sampler Bags (4 kinds of different roasting garlics), Garlic Lovers Gourmet Box, Garlic Flakes
* Bagged dry beans and Rockwell Bean seed packages
* The Willowood Farm “Harvest Feast” box.  A perfect local food holiday gift!

So we hope to see you today!  If you’ve never been there, the market is located at the Bayview Hall behind Bayview Farm and Garden.  And yes, it is indoors!

And on a final note, I wanted to include a link on a GREAT blog posting from “locovore” Vincent Nattress.  Vincent’s blog, Puget Sound Bites, has become one of my favorites.  Check it out!

As always, THANK YOU! for your support of local food
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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