It’s Spring! Fabulous, wonderful CRAZY spring!

Seeds are planting, things are growing…It’s SPRING!
On Thursday night we planted a small section of field into Kamut (ancient Egyptian grain) and rye.  We still have some gorgeous purple barley to plant.  Then yesterday, as the evening approached, a freight truck showed up with a pallet load (1300 lbs!) of seed potatoes to plant. And we have loads of seeds to plant – carrots, turnips, beets, greens, plus another 600 or so starts in the greenhouse to get in and about 20,000 onion transplants to set out!  Not to mention another 2000 head lettuces in the germination chamber and more starts to get seeded as well….
Yes, no denying…It’s Spring!

And…on this lovely spring day (albeit a bit drizzly, but still warm and hey, we need the rain!), we will be at the Coupeville Market today with the following fabulous spring veggies:
From Willowood Farm:
* Mesclun
* Arugula
* Radishes – a new crop of French Breakfast type!
* Mache – a gourmet spring green, hard to find!
* Braising Greens – a healthy and tasty mix of kales, collards, beet greens.
* Pea Vines. Gotta love them!
* Garlic Greens – they smell SO good!

* Rockwell and Peregion dry beans
And from our farmer friends at Prairie Bottom Farm –
* Spinach – two kinds!
* Egyptian Walking Onions Scallions
* Evergreen Overwinter Onion Scallions
* Pies!  Fabulous Pies!
* And more stuff I’m forgetting…
Oh yes…Lauren from Ebey Road Farm will be their with her 50 lb sacks of locally grown wheat!  Fabulous for chicken and other animal feed.  And talk with her about their plans for growing grains for human consumption this year!

Say hi to Lydia a the market today. She is one of Willowood’s new interns for the 2010 season.  She is “learning the market ropes” today in Coupeville.  Myself, and other other two new interns, will be back on the farm, planting, planting, planting….
Also, watch for an email message soon.  We will be organizing a volunteer party for planting potatoes.  Always a fun time on the prairie!
As always, thank you for all your support!  Willowood will be at the Bayview Farmer’s Market starting May 8th…
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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