Farming – what a crazy, wet, windy and FABULOUS job to have!

As I type this post and get ready for market day while pondering the ominous grey clouds and a weather report for rain, rain and rain PLUS wind up to 37 mph (seriously????), I remember what a true privilege it is to farm for a living.

Lauren and Lydia hoeing garlic….

No, really!  I’ve worked an “office” job (or two) and I can tell you that I would rather take a wet, windy, miserable day outside and day than one cooped up in artificial air under fluorescent lights.  Blech.  Call me crazy (and many do!), but being outside is what I’m all about. 
So no matter the weather, Willowood Farm will be there on market day bringing our goodies to our loyal customers who are brave and stalwart enough to chance a bit of rain or wind and come see us.  Because, well, that’s what we do!
And since I know you folks are all itching to see what we are bringing, here is the list for the Coupeville Farmer’s Market today…
(SOUTH END FOLKS – ONE MORE WEEK TIL WE ARE BAYVIEW!  However…Anza from Maha Farms is bringing a selection of Willowood Farm goodies with her to the Tilth Market today, if you want to check that out!).
From Willowood Farm
– Mesclun bags
– Arugula bags
– Broccoli raab bunches
– Giant Purple Mustard bunches (hot and horseradishy!)
– Tatsoi bunches
– Baby pac choi
– Radishes
– Mixed braising green bunches
– Garlic Greens
– Peregion and Rockwell Beans

From Prairie Bottom Farm (Wilbur and Julieanna will be gone at History Day competition today – go Wolves! But they brought over a nice selection for Georgie and crew to sell today…).
– Green and Red Bordeaux Spinach
– Parsnips
– Chives
– Walla Walla scallions
– Baby Napa Cabbage bunches
– Wild Arugula bunches
And of course Sara’s famous pies…

On a funny note, I recently came across this YouTube video and just LOVED it.  Although I’m afraid to show it to my tractors, I know they will be jealous.  My 1956 Farmall is particularly good at well-timed back-firing and I have a feeling she (all tractors are she’s!) would love a chance in the spotlight…
 Tractor Rocks the House (Barn)!
Hope to see you at market today!
Farmer Georgie, wet, wind-blown and fabulous!
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


2 thoughts on “Farming – what a crazy, wet, windy and FABULOUS job to have!

  1. Your blog post is inspiring. I was feeling lazy about getting out in the garden and weeding, and I now have the thought of gratefulness to take with me. Thank you. See you at Bayview!

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