Dare we say….Sun?????

We hear a rumor, that the sun might grace us today.  The weatherman says so (and we ALL know how right on he is…).  Plus, as I type this, I look out the window at the morning sky and I see something strangely blue peeking out from breaks in the clouds.

Sun? Sun? Say it is so!
The rainy weather has definitely put a “damper” on a few things around the farm.  Literally.  It’s hard to plant when you got fields worthy of a Las Vegas world class mud wrestling extravaganza.  Somehow, however, between momentary “dry” breaks, we were able to get about half of the dry beans planted.  Hopefully the rest, not to mention lentils and garbanzo beans, will go in this next few days.  Along with the wet, it has also been unseasonably cold (we heard we set a new record for the “lowest high temp” last week!), so we’ve also been worried about those sensitive heat loving crops rotting in the soil.  That’s no fun!
The good news with all this wet, cool weather – the greens and cole crops have been LOVING it!  And with that, how about I get right onto the list of all the delightful veggies we will be bringing to the Coupeville and Bayview markets today?????
– Head lettuce, head lettuce, head lettuce!  It keeps getting bigger and better.  Look for loads of butterhead (aka bibb) types at the markets this week.  
– Peas!  They were a big hit last week and so we’ve picked loads more!  Sweet, tender, edible podded peas.  Great raw or steamed gently and tossed with butter and kosher salt.  Yum!

– Garlic scapes!  We had these a few weeks ago via our first “early” varieties.  Now we starting into the main crop.  If you have never had garlic scapes before, they are wicked cool!  Think asparagus texture but garlicky taste.  Really cool barbecued, braised or even pickled!
– Garlic!  That’s right, we said garlic!  This is true “green garlic” which means I pulled it straight from the field yesterday and it has not had a chance to cure.  Which means incredibly juicy, sweet and even mild! 
– Kale – several flavors today and ever so sweet!
– Baby pac choi bunches.  Always a favorite.
– Scallions
– Red Giant mustard bunches
And a few more surprises…
From our pals over at Prairie Bottom Farm
– Red and green spinach
– Arugula
– Lettuce and mesclun mix
– Chard bunches
– Kale bunches
– Walla Walla Onion bunches (yummy!)
And more!
Hope to see you at market, on this (fingers-crossed) beautiful sunny day to be!
Farmer Georgie, eternally optimistic because that’s what it takes to farm…
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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