Maybe rain? Please, please, please….

Definitely a morning for coffee. It looks like it might rain! The National Weather Report says a 50% chance! Now, I know that means that many of you may not venture out to market today (wimps!), but I’d gladly trade that for a chance to dampen down the dust bowl we currently have on the farm.
It is DRY! And DUSTY! I just cleaned my truck last week (I know, a rare occurrence) but it already has at least an 1/8 inch of dust on it again – inside and out!
Watering (and voracious bugs) are probably the two biggest challenges to summer time gardening. We spend about 1/2 of our time on the farm these days moving water, fixing water, thinking about water….no water – no crops!
I definitely feel for those farmers in California and other “prolonged drought-stricken” regions. Some of those places, I just don’t know how they will be able to keep farming.
Here on the prairie, we get the “seasonal drought.” Always July-August-September is pretty darn dry. In fact, a lot of my neighboring farmers depend on it to ripen their grain crops and cure their hay. Some years, (like last year), our summertime drought starts in May and doesn’t end til mid October. That sucks. This year was much better – and while many of your were complaining about the endless rain of the spring, I was happy – more rain in spring means my crops get better established and I don’t have to start watering on the first of May!
So…here’s to a cloudy and gray sky and hopes that 50% chance of rain delivers rather than just teases!
And coming to the Bayview and Coupeville markets today….
(P.S. Coupeville folks – NO farmer’s market next weekend during Arts&Crafts festival so make sure to stock up this week!).
From Willowood Farm
– Golden and Chioggia beet bunches
– Fava beans (last chance on favas so get them while you can!)
– Onions galore – torpedo onions (awesome grilled) and Ailsa Crag (sweet onion)
– Lots of chard!
– Kale – 3 kinds
– Collards!
– Loads of potatoes
– Plenty of garlic!
– And more…
From our friends at Prairie Bottom Farm
– Baby carrot bunches
– Leaf lettuce mix
– Giant beet bottoms
– Arugula bunches
– leeks
– More onions
And more…
See you at market!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


2 thoughts on “Maybe rain? Please, please, please….

  1. I just set up sprinklers on a timer to keep my soil damp for fresh seed yesterday. They'll run at midnight for a while then shut off. If the soil doesn't stay damp, it turns in to pure adobe mud brick where I am at (and the seeds won't germ). Mike

  2. Mike – T-tape helps for that problem! Run the night before you plan to plant…I've found that unless I plan to disc the soil after sprinkling and then plant, if I use sprinklers to water it also kind "pounds" the soil and makes it hard for the seedlings to come up. Georgie

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