Yes, we are coming! Off to Bayview Market…

Sorry this is late today but, well, Farmer Georgie is on vacation and slept in…all the way til 7 a.m.! And then I sat around and leisurely drank a cup of coffee while eating a piece of still warm blueberry coffee cake that my wonderful husband got from the local bakery (versus racing around in my truck in the fields at 6 a.m. spilling coffee and eating a banana while is my normal Saturday morning scenario).
So…not the sort of blog you expect to read about farming, huh? Well, let me tell you. Farming is REALLY REALLY hard work. Especially this time of year. I get to feeling like every day is insurmountable amount of overwhelming things that must be done RIGHT NOW or face immediate catastrophe. I knew an old farmer who used to say, “I can handle emergencies, as long as they come one at a time once a day.” Yep, know that feeling!
And I know, when I start fantasizing about going on vacation so I can “sleep in the car on the drive there,” that maybe, yes, it’s time to take a few days off!
So, last year, for the sake of my sanity and so I occasionally have time to touch base with my husband and two girls, I scheduled one weekend a month off. And so glad I did! So now I’m enjoying some time relaxing over in my 2nd favorite area after Coupeville and Ebey’s Reserve. Winthrop and the Methow Valley. It’s like a Wild West version of Coupeville!
But I know what you folks really like to know is, are we coming to market??? And yes! We are! Because I have an INCREDIBLE self-motivating, independent thinking crew that can take charge when I’m gone. And they do it for incredibly low amounts of pay. Farm interns rock!
So today, coming to the Bayview Market only (Coupeville market is closed this week due to Arts and Crafts fair) is the following goodies –
From Willowood Farm
* Potatoes – several flavors!
* Garlic – several flavors to go with the several flavors of potatoes…
* Sugar Peas – an gorgeous new crop
* Beans – a couple beautiful types! So yummy…
* Savoy and Red cabbage
* Kale – Tuscan, Siberian and Red types
* Rainbow Chard
* Onions – Torpedoes, Cippolini’s, Ailsa Crag!
* Leeks – gorgeous, perfect braising size
* Pea Vines
* Spinach Bags
And more I’m sure I’m forgetting….

From our friends at Prairie Bottom Farms
* Summer Squash
* Beet bunches
* Baby Carrot Bunches.

So come on down and enjoy! And, if you have the time, take a few minutes off and enjoy the respite. I know that’s what I’m gonna do!
Farmer Georgie out…

P.S. Does anybody know what happened to the attach photos feature on blogger? It isn’t there anymore and I can’t figure out how to post photos!


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