Bring a little bit of the exotic to your plate – Dragon Tongue’s Beans!

Today (or really, this morning) I decided to feature one of my favorite varieties that we grow ever year on the farm. 

Voila!  Dragon Langerie, aka “Dragon’s Tongue” beans!
Dragon Langerie beans first are unusual in that they are #1 -Not green.  Then add in the fact that they are flat (Romano type) AND marked with purple stripes…That is one crazy looking bean!  But beyond the psychedelic appearance – ohh…my so tasty!
Dragon Langerie beans are for me, the BEST, fresh eating “snap” type bean in the garden. I’ll eat them raw as well!  So crisp, juicy and sweet!  No “fibrous” or chalky taste that many beans sport.
Steam them or boil them GENTLY (overcooked Dragon’s Tongues, like most beans, turn into mush) and they will retain faint purple markings.  I admit they are not always the “prettiest” bean on the plate…but they are always the best.  Very rich and “beany” and oh…I’m getting hungry!
Dragon Langerie beans, which are a heirloom bush variety from the Netherland’s, of all places, are one of those vegetable varieties that represent all that is right and good about eating and buying local food.  You are likely to NEVER find Dragon Langerie beans at your local grocery store (well, unless I sell them to them!), because they do not “transport well” and will loose their crisp wonderfulness quickly when not enjoyed as they should be – soon after picking at the peak of ripeness!
So today, stop by the Coupeville and Bayview markets and expand your eating boundaries and enjoy an unusual summer treat – try some Dragon Tongues! 
Before we continue on into the rest of the “list of goodies” a few scheduling dates:
* This Sunday, the 29th.  Farmer Georgie will be talking about garlic and potatoes at bayleaf in Coupeville.  $5 sign up, limited availablity.  Call bayleaf to reserve your spot!  678-6603.
* The Whidbey Island Farm Tour is approaching rapidly (eek!).  Sept. 11 and 12th!  Just two weekends away (double eek!).  Willowood Farm is proud to be one of the featured farms.  And because this is our big “garlic” time of the year…well, we decided to feature garlic!  We will be offering all sorts of food and seed (for planting) garlic.  We will have garlic braids.  We will be having garlic tastings.  Garlic recipes. Garlic planting demonstrations.  Garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic!  So come, check out our awesome historic barn, walk around the farm, laugh at the turkeys and buy garlic!

And now…(drum roll…)…the list!
From Willowood Farm
– Head lettuce!  New crop, smallish but PERFECT!
– Beans.  (If you didn’t catch that from above).   Lots of beans!
– Shelling peas
– Sugar Snap peas
– Beet bunches
– Onions of all flavors
– Leek bunches
– Garlic – food and seed grade!
– Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes
–  Basil
– Other stuff I’m forgetting!

From our friends at Prairie Bottom Farms
– Summer Squash
– Baby beets
– More beans
– Kohlrabi
– And lots other stuff…

From Mikey at Whidbey Green Goods (Bayview market only) –
– Chanterelle mushrooms!
– Local apples!
– Local plums – several flavors
– Cherry tomatoes!


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