Farmer on vacation…yet the market goes on!

Yes, this farmer is trying to take a few days off.  Of course, off in July is kinda really just a “slowing down to a more normal persons work day” for a farmer.  Hence the fact that I’m still sending out this blog.  And that I was up at 7:30 this morning getting a few last things for the market crew this morning.  And that I was outside at 9:30 last night putting chickens away and making another batch of compost tea that can be sprayed today.
But…I WAS NOT outside all day picking for market (my fabulous crew did that, I just helped some in the morning) nor will I be at the market or working in the fields keeping things watered and weeded today (again, fabulous crew doing that).  Instead, having a “Staycation” with the family.  Our main goal – to BUILD A CHICKEN PEN! 

Ah…kids and chicks!

My eldest daughter joined chicken 4-H club Rock n’Doodle this year.  So we had to get some chickens just for her (and then of course, the youngest got some too).  Ordered eggs of some unique breeds for way too much money, incubated them.  And because these chickens are the girls very own chickens, they can’t let “their chickens live with those other farm chickens.” (Which is probably a good idea, really, not sure if they more “delicate” show chickens can survive the farm chicken pen.  It’s a rough flock in there. Huge rooster, mean geese, annoying turkeys…)   No, we have to have separate pens.  Okay, so somehow I got talked into this….
We do have a secure inside pen for nighttimes (the old playhouse – now converted to chicken coop!), but we need an outside daytime run for these naughty, naughty chickens who have been roaming our yard during the day, claiming not only all our yard as theirs but…our house too!  Now that the weather has gotten (kinda) nicer, we oftentimes leave our deck door open for the breeze.  And the chickens, well the chickens decided that our house must be a big new chicken coop!  One day we came home and found a trial of chicken “offerings” through the entire house, all the way into the back bedrooms.  Those chickens were having a GOOD time. 
The other day, I was upstairs and heard some suspicious “cluck, cluck, cclluuucckkking…” and look down into our great room – a flock of chickens!  And the worst thing, Peanut the dog, who I’ve had a heck of time convincing he CANNOT chase the chickens when they are outside, was just sitting their looking at them like “Hey, guys, come on in! Can I get you a beverage?”
Now, since we live in an old barn converted into a house, my husband says it only makes sense the chickens think they should be in our house (barn).  In fact, hubby suggested that next year we go ahead and just put our house on the Rock n’Doodle Coop Tour.  Ha-ha. 
So, that’s on my vacation agenda for today.  A chicken run!  And to think I signed up for this….(Yes, I did and would do so again!).
But chicken runs aside, my wonderful crew is STILL bringing gobs of veggies to market today.  And here is the list:
From Willowood Farm
* Head Lettuce
* Potatoes – New ones, so so good!
* Walla Walla Onions w/ greens
* Torpedo Onions w/ greens
* Summer Squash (Bayview only, it’s just starting!)
* Garlic
* Garlic Scapes
* Kohlrabi
* Spinach
* Italian Parsley
* Fava Beans – lots of these and they are SO good!
* Kale
* Chard
* Broccoli
* Peregion Beans
From our friends at Prairie Bottom Farm:
* Peas – Sugar, snow and shelling peas!
* Lettuce Mix
* Braising Mix
* Cauliflower
* Cabbage
* Scallions
* Herb bunches
And we also have some Emmer from Ebey Road farm and some Kamut, Purple Barley and Hard Red Wheat from Georgina. 
Hope to see you at market!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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