Even more food than last week? Well, yes, yes we can!

Torpedo Onions, a market favorite!

Yep, it just keeps coming and coming and coming!  This time of year, we were are in a literal deluge of vegetables, it’s hard to remember back in January, February (and even March, April and May this year!), when the simplest head of lettuce of leaf of kale was so very precious!
No, instead, this time of year we are just trying to keep on top of getting everything picked when it needs to be!  Pick, pick, pick.  Done picking?  Great, day a day off and then…pick some more! Phew…
So on that note, I’m going to get right into the HUGE list of vegetables coming to market this week because I got to get out there and pack them up!
From Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie:
Onions!  Loads of them….
* Torpedo Onions w/ greens
* Ailsa Crag (big sweet onion) w/ greens
* Tonda Onion (gorgeous sweet red onion) w/ greens
* Red and Yellow Cippolinni onions w/ greens

* Walla Walla Onions (cured, not greens)
And then lots of potatoes this week including:
* Carola
* Mountain Rose
* Purple Majesty

Heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

* German Butterball
* Peas – Dwarf Gray Sugars
* Yellow Wax Beans
* Dragon Langerie Beans
* Raab Bunches
* Mesclun bags
* Arugula bags
* Spinach bags
* Kale
* Chard
* Kohlrabi
* Head Lettuce
* Summer Squash
* Beets
* Carrots
* Tomatoes – Multiple heirloom types!  Yum, yum!
* Celery
* Fava Beans
* Garlic – lots of it!

It’s garlic time!

And that’s just our farm!  Our friends at Prairie Bottom Farm are also packed to the gills.  From them we will be bringing:
* French filet beans
* Shallots
* Cauliflower
* Shelling Peas
* Cabbage
* Purple Beans
And loads more…
Now the big trick?  How to get it all packed in!  Yikes! Hope to see you at market today!

Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie

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