Stock up the pantry at the last Bayview Market of the year!

Well this is it folks.  The last main season farmer’s market of the year!  (Not to forget, there are 4 Bayview Holiday Markets – indoors no less – Willowood will be attending starting Saturday, Nov. 26th).
Nonetheless, this is the last chance to come shop an outdoor market and be overwhelmed by our amazing loads of food!  Once again, we have two vehicles packed to the brim with fresh from the fields goodies (note for 2012 – MUST BUY DELIVERY TRUCK!…).
And as the season spasmodically winds down (still on the “to do” list –  fields to turn over and plant to cover crop, a 3/4s acre of garlic to plant, a greenhouse to cover with plastic and winter greens left to be planted…), I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past growing season.  It’s been a good one.

Dad discing the to-be potato field in the spring

* February, March and April started out with us raring to go.  Lots of plans made, seeds started.  Experimental first-year winter greens planted in the greenhouse.  Cool weather kept things growing slow, slow, slow but we kept plugging away.
* May is usually a month of rapid exploding growth.  But this past May was markedly cold and amazingly wet.  We received in one day in May the entire amount of rain we normally get for the whole month.  Fields flooded (a very unusual occurrence on our sandy-loam ground).  At least two (maybe three) whole days spent sump-pumping water off the flooded garlic field.  Lost our first bif rotation of mesclun, arugula, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli to saturates fields.
* June – Slowly warming up and drying out.  Desperately worked to get in the time critical crops – dry beans and winter squash.  New plantings of greens.
* July and August – the insanity kicks in.  Lots of crops to harvest AND to plant.  Garlic!  Bugs and assorted diseases try to gain a foothold.  We fit back with flower-based bug sprays and lots of compost tea!  Long days, little sleep.
* September – Turned the tide.  Start to enjoy the “harvest” as main crops start to finish.  Plant for winter and fall.  Tomatoes!  Summer squash anyone????  Please?????
* October – Serious harvest time.  Dig potatoes.  Dig potatoes.  Dig potatoes.  (We ended up with about 4 tons of potatoes in storage!).  Winter squash comes out of the field.  We ever so happily watch the summer squash plants DIE!  Dry Beans!  Pull them, put them in the barn, dry them, thresh them, dry them again…

Sabrina cleaning spring garlic for market

And that gets us to right about now…the end of October.  When you write it all down it doesn’t seem like that much, does it.  Hah!  Well, I can tell you it was a lot.  10 acres of veggies is well…a freakin’ crazy amount of work.  Nonetheless, I can happily say we had THE BEST year ever.  The best crew, the best crops, the best sales, the best customers.
A big thanks to all of you reading this right now who were a huge part of our success!  Thank you! And a huge thanks to my great crew this year – Kevin, Janiece, Blake, Jen, Ben, Kate, Sabrina, Lauren and most especially – my Dad!
Now…that I’ve said all that…down to what really matters – what we are bringing to market today!
* Potatoes!  Loose and 10 lb bags.  10 lb bags are $12 OR…buy 2 or more and your price goes to $10 a bag!  Last market special ONLY!
* Dry Beans!  We will have Rockwells, Tiger Eyes, Arikara and Barn Floor Mix beans.  (Black Coco, Peregion and Cannelini aren’t quite ready yet…).  For every 4 bags at full price you get a 5th bag at 1/2 off!
* Onions!  We have a large selection of gourmet onions and 5 lb net storage bags for just $7.
* Garlic!  Loose garlic plus 1 lb bags of garlic for just $8!  A $2 savings and a Last market special ONLY!
And then we will have our usual assortment of winter squash, pie pumpkins, cabbage, mesclun, arugula, kale, chard, collards, tomatoes, kohlrabi and etc….
 Plus…all purchases of $60 or more get a FREE GIGANTE KOHLRABI!

My normal appearance during the summer (well really most of the year!)

So…hope to see you at Bayview today!
Farmer Georgie
Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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