Bayview Market Opening Today!

I’ve lived here my whole life and it can still take my breath away…

So if you folks have been thinking I’ve been kinda incommunicado lately, well that’s because I’ve been kinda incommunicado lately.  Not for trying – simply because it has been BUSY!  This last week in particular has been CRAZY.  What with the sunny weather and a bunch of things to plant and the weeds growing and our interns arriving (yesterday and today) and trying to get their housing/kitchen set up….I’ve been running from moment to moment.  But, taking a few moments to breath and enjoy early morning views like this one.

Well…as the saying goes, ’tis the season.  And when you farm well, spring (and summer and fall) can be INTENSE!  Meanwhile, all of a sudden, it’s the first market Bayview market of the year!  (Plus we are sending food via Prairie Bottom to the Coupeville Market as well).  So I’m going to get right down to business and let you know what we are bringing….(and remember it’s spring, pickings are lean so come early if you really want something!):

* Mesclun * Arugula * Pea Vines * French Breakfast Radishes * Kale Raab * Braising Mix * Rhubarb * Baby Pac Choi * Artichokes * Potatoes * Dry beans * Spring Onion Bunches * Chard * Spinach * Parsnips and Mikey from Whidbey Green Goods is bringing a whole bunch of asparagus!  

And finally, a photo to leave with you….Our Gentle Giant Jack cultivating the first lettuce planting…Image 


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