Impress Mom with Local Food!

Since I both am a mom and have a mom I feel like I am qualified to make one opinion on the subject – Mom’s like a well-made meal! (assuming it’s NOT made by them!).

And when pulling together a great meal, it helps to start with great ingredients.  And some inspiration!  Well today at the Bayview Farmer’s Market we both have a WIDE selection of great ingredients but also some inspiration – in the form of a “Mother’s Day Brunch” menu demonstration by chefing dynamic duo Scott and Steph Pendell of Midnight Kitchen Catering.

I’ve known Scott and Steph for quite a while.  I think it was a good five years ago (at least!) when Scott pulled up on his motorcycle to talk to me about getting some local food their start-up catering business.  Since then we’ve grown together.  I followed them in my delivery pick-up truck and now delivery van from rental kitchen to the next, bringing boxes of seasonal goodies.  Now they have their own kitchen built into the side of the cute little home and, not only a nice new place, but two small miniature versions of themselves to add to the domestic, um…bliss.  It’s nice to work with folks and see our businesses and families grow together! 

ImageAnyhoo…so especially pleased to see their talents showcased today.  Because they have a catering kitchen, not as many folks on Whidbey might be as familiar with the Pendell’s expertise as they are with chefs that have a restaurant to attend.  But I’ve walked in on them, sampled and smelled their concoctions many a time, and the Pendell’s know how to cook!  And come up with wonderful sounding menu’s!  Here is their “demo” menu for today…. 

Cedar Planked Salmon on a Crostini with Goat Cheese, Mizuna & Onion Relish
 Spring Radishes with Chive Butter
 Rhubarb Honey Spritzer

Sound’s good doesn’t it????  And of course, you can “shop” for these ingredients right at market today.  Willowood Farm (and most of the other veggies vendors at the market) will have rhubarb, radishes, japanese turnips and mizuna.  Little Brown Farm has goat cheese and butter!  And Treetop Bakery is always well supplied with crostini fixings.  Plus of course many other inspiring selections at the market today. 

So come on down, do a little shopping, and make mom happy!

Also at the market today we will have:

* Mesclun * Arugula * Dry Beans * Baby Pac Choi * Radishes * Turnips * Artichokes * Rhubarb * Mizuna * Tatsoi * Kale * Baby Butter Head Lettuce * Leeks * Asparagus * Cucumbers * Cauliflower * Eggs * Green Garlic * Chard * Spinach and more….

Hope to see you there!
Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie

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