Sun or Rain – We farmers want it all! (but only when we want it…).

It’s been a pretty busy last few weeks here on the farm.  We’ve gotten heavy into a new irrigation project – which has involved laying about 3000 ft of irrigation pipe and all the ditch digging, pipe glueing and assorted “shoot! we forgot that one connector” that goes along with it.

At the same time the weather took a surprising turn for warm and dry.  Which, lulled by the last three springs into anticipation of cool and wet, we were unfortunately, not quite ready for an early hot and dry spell thinking we would have snazzy new watering system ready by the end of May in plenty of time for when we have needed it the last few years.  The result? Frantic temporary emergency watering measures as we ran from one bed to the next moving sprinklers and drip lines and fixing leaky hoses and broken connectors and tried to keep new plantings alive.  That combined with such a sudden warm spring inspired a HEAVY outbreak of flea beetles and root maggots trying to eat up everything we have planted has meant the last few weeks have involved lots of work and not much sleep.

But yesterday (and this morning) it rained!  Yeah!   And not just a little light sprinkle we had gotten in the past few days but a good soaker.  I haven’t looked to see how much but I’d guess we got a good 1/2 inch.  Phew.  That takes the pressure off! (for a few days at least).  Now of course, I’m hoping we don’t get too much MORE rain today or tomorrow.  Because then some of my fields that had just dried out enough to start working are going to start building up their “flood” spots again.  Well…like my mother recently pointed out to me – “Farmer’s…you are never happy with the weather no matter what it does!”  Too true.

Meanwhile…the early crops are coming along nicely (or at least the ones we got irrigated before they expired of heat exhaustion and didn’t get hit by the buggies!) and this week we are bringing a big showing of what the spring farming can do. Image Here’s a pictures to whet your whistle and we hope to see you today at the farmer’s markets – Coupeville and Bayview.  Rain or shine we will be there.  Bringing with us:

* Radishes * Mesclun * Arugula * Head Lettuce * Japanese Salad Turnips * Artichokes * Walla Walla Onion bunches (Bayview only) * Braising Green Mix * Potatoes * Dry Beans * Kale * Herbs * Spinach * Chard * Asparagus and more!


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