A garlic pictorial

So…amazingly enough….it is starting to be my favorite time of year….garlic harvest!  True, we have just barely started thinking about it but it…is…coming! I thought some of you might be interested in a quick pictorial tour of garlic harvest. First we spend a lot of time in the spring oohing and ahhing, weeding and fertilizing….rows and rows (and rows) of garlic. Image

Then we have…Garlic Scapes!  The “seed stalk” of hardneck garlic…they start sprouting like crazy this time of year.  We start first picking the extra-early (turban) varieties and then move into the bulk of the scape picking in early June.  Scapes stick around for a while and we often will have them for sale into July!  Image

And then of course we sell the scapes to wonderfully creative folks like Treetop Baking who make wonderful treats like Garlic Scape Foccaccia bread! (at the Bayview Farmer’s Market today!).  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy! And then surprisingly quick, within a week after harvesting the first scapes, we are able to pull extra extra early “green garlic.”  Which is basically garlic that has just bulbed out and it super moist, delicious and rather mild (the redder stalk ones have more of a bite than the white ones) but has not yet cured.  So very very nice to have the first garlic of the season! Image

We will have some of this garlic (first harvest of the season) at market today!  It will still be several weeks (probably about 2) before we start harvesting and curing the early varieties and then usually not til early July that we REALLY get into the garlic harvest thing.  But it it is fun to see the garlic doing what it does and now that soon we will have baskets and boxes full of stuff like this….

ImageSo…hope to see you at the market today.  Fresh Garlic (on the stem) at the Coupeville and Bayview Farmer’s Markets!  We will also  be bringing…

* Mesclun * Head Lettuce * Spinach * Walla Walla Salad Onions * Radishes * Baby Pac choi * Mustard Greens * Rhubarb * Artichokes * Kale * Asparagus * Chard * Japanese Salad Turnips * and more….

Hope to see you there!

Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie

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