Oh yeah…It’s July!

So my mantra lately has been – “Go-go-go-go!”

Because I know that this time of year if I slow down well then, it’s even harder to get mentally ramped up to the insane, it’s July and all the crops are coming on, we have to water 24/7, the @#$$!! weeds are out of control, it’s garlic harvest time and oh yeah, we have about 10,000 fall and winter plants to get in the ground (and watered) if we want to have any fall/winter crops.

So what do I do…I go-go-go-go!   I’ve said it before and I will say it before, I think most small business owners understand the reality of when a jobs got happen it’s gotta happen and it doesn’t matter if you met your 8 hour work day quota. Ain’t nobody going to pick up the slack but you.  I think farming tends to ramp up that insanity even a bit higher because when you farm, your “work” doesn’t quit working when you do.  Not to mention but a lot of things seem to come to “fruition” all at in the same few week periods.  When you farm, you understanding quite literally the saying “Make hay when the sun shines!”  (My neighbors have been doing it 24/7 lately, day and into the wee hours of the night).  So you might have a scheduled a weekend off to relax a bit, enjoy the weather.  But guess what? The watering, the weeds, the things that need to be harvested RIGHT NOW, well they didn’t.  And they don’t care if you’re tired.  Afterall, you were silly enough to spend all that money and energy and time to plant them in the spring!  So I made my giant bed of vegetables and now, well now I get to lay in it! 


Oh no’s! Attack of the hand-eating broccoli!

But….it’s okay.  I’ve done this long enough to know that the July frenzy is well, seasonal.  By the time mid August comes around things will start easing off a bit, garlic will be cured and cut, the beans will be weeded (or not), the fall crops will be in and growing.  And by September and October I just sit back and enjoy (although not exactly relax!).  Winter squash, dry beans, onions, winter cabbage…We reap the rewards of our July efforts. 

And if I look a bit blurry eyed and making spinning in circles like a drunken Tasmanian devil, well I hope you can give me a pass, it is, afterall…July!

And meanwhile…here is the GIANT load of veggies we are bringing to market today!  (and yes, myself personally will be there with a mini-me helper in tow.  Our phenom market manager Paige has taken a weekend off to see her family.  So come see me and the mini-me!)

Coming to Bayview and Coupeville (via the Prairie Bottom tractor trailer booth…today!)

* Mesclun * Arugula * Spinach Bunches * Carrots * Beets * Potatoes * Garlic * Garlic Scapes * Fava Beans * Shelling Peas * Snow Peas * Beefsteak Tomatoes * Cherry Tomatoes * Summer Squash * Broccoli * Cauliflower * Cabbage * Cucumbers * Radishes * Chard * Kale * Scallions * Walla onions w/ greens * Dry Beans and pretty much a bunch of other things I’m forgetting! 

So we’re loaded!  Hope to see you today!
Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Pra

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