Hazy days….

Squash blossoms in morning haze. Great looking crop of squash coming this year!

But definitely not Lazy Days!  We’ve been in an interesting weather pattern lately.  We’ve been getting overnight into morning foggy, cool evening breezes and then burning off for mid day warmth.  Feels to me like September weather.  Yet we are just past mid July.  Wonder what August will bring?

Ripening grain crops are so pretty on the prairie right now. And in the evening they rustle in the wind. Very cool.

Of course, what I would REALLY REALLY like is some rain.  We haven’t had any of any significance for, well I’m afraid to check, but it’s been a while.  Things are dry.  And as much as we work hard to mitigate our water use growing veggies need water.  A rather substantial amount of it.  (what general saying is always about an inch a week of water).  And one thing I have learned, is that mother nature is MUCH more efficient at watering than I am with dragging hoses and sprinklers and constantly turning on the next lines of drip.

But we carry on….because that’s what you do when you farm!  So I’m going to tell you what yummy goodies Pretty Paige, Willowood Farm Market Manager, is bringing to the market today, and then I’m going to run out and spend an hour or so adjusting and rotating sprinklers.  (and btw….when anybody tries to tell you that farming is idyllic and “restful”, just have them read my blog postings from July!)

Coming to market TODAY!

* Heirloom Tomatoes! (first picking and very limited quantities, come early if you want them!) * Summer Squash * Mesclun * Arugula * Spinach * Head Lettuce * Ailsa Crag salad onion bunches * Scallions * Broccoli * Cauliflower * Basil * Squash Blossoms * Cucumbers – picklers and slicers * Cabbage * Korean Daikon (great for making Kimchi!) * Fava Beans (last of the season!) * Shelling Peas * Sugar Snap Peas * Kale * Chard * Garlic (4 kinds today!) * New Potatoes * Dry Beans * Carrots * Beets….and I’m sure a bunch more things I’m forgetting….Cuz it’s that overwhelming amounts of food time of year….

See you at market!

Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie


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