Chillin’ out with veggies!

Brrr…It’s cold out there!  I’m sitting in my cozy kitchen in front of our wood stove with a blankie right now, building up the courage to head out and load up the veggie van.

Why? Because today is the 2nd day of the Bayview Farmer’s Market Holiday Market.  And no, it’s not outside!  It’s in the toasty warm Bayview Hall.  Yeah! 

And what, you may ask, may we possibly be able to bring to the market vegetable matter wise in cold weather like this????  Well, actually, quite a fair bit!  As do most farmers, I watch the weather report pretty close.  And when weather man kept saying for about a week before hand that hey, it was gonna get cold, REAL cold, and he didn’t change his mind….well I decided to take that seriously.  On Tuesday when it was still above freezing during the day, we picked a large amount of the things that we just can’t pick when they are frozen solid. So chard, kale, collards, broccoli,  brussell sprouts, arugula, radicchio, escarole and frisee will all make a proud appearance at the market today!

Then we have a lot of veggies that are quite cold hardy, and as long as the ground isn’t too frozen to chip them out of it, we can do those too.  So we have carrots, parsnips, sunchokes and turnips thanks to a few tough pickers and some sturdy forks.  Plus there is of course, all the “stored” veggies like winter squash, onions, potatoes and dry beans.  Which we have tucked away in heated rooms and under heated blankets to keep them from freeze damage during this cold.

So really, it’s another packed veggie van we will send to market today!  Which I’m thrilled about, and hope you will be too.  I’m also rather happy about this extended chilly freeze because, while it will damage some of our winter crops, it is also knocking back a bad bug population that was starting to get out of control, thanks to several very mild winters in a row.  (See that’s the ticket to success as a farmer, eternal optimism!). 

Hope to see you today at Bayview, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm

P.S.  For those of you who have been ordering via the Endless Summer list and pickup at Rosehip Farm and Garden, I imagine we will be back on that next week for a Dec. 14th pick-up.  However it’s up to Linda, (Rosehip Farmer), as it’s her show and it will depend on how much food she has left once we break out of this freeze.  Whether we do the Endless Summer list of not, Willowood Farm will be at the Bayview Farmer’s Market Holiday Market today, Dec. 14th and Dec. 21st.


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