This is it folks…the last farmer’s market of the year!

Every year I get to this point, the last farmer’s market of the year, and I think…”How the heck did that happen????”

What the driveway to the barn looked like yesterday morning as we headed out to pick veggies for market!

It seems like I was just barely putting in the seed orders and plowing the early fields.  And now I’m already starting to look at the seed catalogs for 2014 (one of my favorite winter-time activities, perusing seed catalogs while soaking in a hot bath..that’s right I’m living the life of luxury!).

The brussel sprouts have been amazing this year!

It’s been a good run, although tough at times, for sure. We had a giant irrigation project to install this year which is so…very…close…to…being…done…(fingers-crossed).  We bought an amazing new tractor (well used “new”) this year making me wonder how we ever farmed without it.  We qualified for a grant that will allow me to build (in the early upcoming spring months) a lot more greenhouse space, which means more tomatoes, peppers and winter greens for next year! (yippee!).  We put in a greatly increased planting of garlic (over 30% more) which let me tell you, was rough to do, because EVERYBODY wanted to buy my planting stock away from me.  But I stayed firm, so we could have more garlic for next year and beyond!  And we had a great crew that allowed me to do what I do best while holding down the fort in the fields and on harvest days. And amazing customers who are supportive and make it all worthwhile.  So I end the season with a bit of money in the bank for the spring expenses (although never ever EVER enough….but I’m used to that!) and ready for a little bit of holiday family cheer and some quiet time to reflect and plan for next year.

Wynter, my youngest, picking kale out of the snow yesterday. I told her she could throw a snowball at us for every kale bunch she picked. That was great motivation!

But first…the LAST farmer’s market of the year is at the Bayview Hall (as in inside, and heated!) TODAY!!!!  There are many just fantastic vendors there for great local holiday gifts not to mention, we’ve got veggies!  We braved the SNOW yesterday to pick out some fabulous crops.  Although I must say, while wet and chilly, picking in the snow yesterday was still a lot easier than in the super frozen ground we were trying to pick-axe vegetables out of the week before.

So we hope you come see us today.  To get your mouth watering we will have kale and collard bunches (expect those to go VERY fast so come early!), brussel sprout bags, carrots, parsnips, turnips, sunchokes, winter squash, pie pumpkins, potatoes including 10# storage bags of taters, onions and dry beans including Peregions!  (and remember, 1# bags of our heirloom dry beans make great local gifts and stocking stuffers!). 

Hope to see you there!  But if we miss you, check out the Three Sisters Farm store in San de Fuca for some of our offerings, or grab some of our dry beans at The Star Store, Prairie Center Red Apple or Bayleaf in Coupeville. 

And don’t forget to have an amazing Holiday Season!
Cheers to you!

Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie

One thought on “This is it folks…the last farmer’s market of the year!

  1. Dear Georgie, You and your family are precious, precious people. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the soil so that the rest of us have magical veggies. May your days be happy and bright…with love, Beverly Rose and family.

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