Winter? Schminter! There’s still TONS of local food available!

When you sit for a minute and think about it….we are darn lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest!  Especially if you like to eat well.

Sure, we’ve had two pretty cold snaps already this winter, and yeah, we lots some crops I was bummed about – (probably mostly the celery 10 days before Thanksgiving!) but overall, we’ve still got a lot of nice food.  Meanwhile, the latest cold snap has broken and now it’s in the 50s today.  In the December!  Heck, have you see the low in some of other area’s of the country??? In the 40s BELOW ZERO in parts of Colorado during some of the cold snaps.  I can’t imagine a veggie that would survive that.  And then look at California for the opposite extreme, I just saw an article talking about the drought there as the worst in 1200 years!

Winter squash
Winter squash

Yep, lucky indeed to be in the Pacific Northwest, historically the land of the plenty.  As a matter of fact, historically they used to refer to Whidbey and the San Juan’s as the “breadbasket” for the burgeoning cities in the Puget Sound.  Because of our generally great soil, mild winter climates and the rain shadow.  And it’s nice to be getting back to that.  Back when settlers first came here (including my great grandfather and great grandmother) they were encountered by the Salish Native American’s.  Who were routinely described as “peaceful, fat and happy.”  The Salish knew they lived in a bountiful land and their culture represented that.  Of course, over the years we seem to somehow forgotten that.  Because, yeah sure, we don’t do so good at growing tomatoes in December.  Or even lettuce.  And having a “international” vegetable and food supply has, unfortunately, spoiled us in that regard.  But it’s never to late to make new habits and enjoy local, seasonal food!  Even if it means you have to think outside your normal eating habits and try a few things.  Or try things in way’s you never had! How about a rutabaga! Here’s a great posting on this vegetable along with a scrumptious sounding recipe….

Here’s a recipe I’m gonna try for tonite.

Happy Holiday Photos From the Farm!I’m excited about it because it takes advantage of two crops that we have an abundance of this time of year – squash and beets!  And in such a delicious way!  So think outside your box a bit.  Enjoy local, seasonal food.  It’s so darn easy to find some fun and exciting recipes with the help of a quick google search.  And I promise you won’t regret it!

So I hope you swing by the Bayview Farmer’s Market today and take a look at our still abundant winter selection.  Adam and Kylie will be there and they are a wealth of information and good ideas for how to use some of our great winter crops.  I know they are taking lots of these great veggies: Kale, brussels sprouts, brussels greens (like collards), onions, potatoes, winter squash, pie pumpkins, beets, celeriac, garlic, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, carrots, leeks, dry beans, shallots and more!

Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie

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