It’s been a tough week….But you can still buy Willowood for the holidays!

Many of you know already, but last weekend we had kind of a rough financial hit.  Somebody broke into my barn office and stole $3000 cash we had compiled from the last few markets.  That well, sucked!

Finances are always tight when you farm and having that amount just up and vanish was, well I still get a bit nauseous thinking about it.

However….today we are at the Bayview Farmer’s Market!  With a load of great winter vegetables to grace your holiday tables and some great Willowood Food holiday gift items – like packaged heirloom dry beans and country rustic garlic braids.  Both make great foodie Christmas gifts or hostess gifts!

Picking 230# of brussels sprouts on a grey winter day!
Picking 230# of brussels sprouts on a grey winter day!

And it’s not just us.  A lot of the South Whidbey vendors have been working since Thursday night with little to NO power to get together a selection of food and gifts for you.  I think I wouldn’t be the only market vendor who would say while we all LOVE LOVE LOVE doing what we do, it is sometimes, oftentimes, a whole heck a LOT of the times, a LOT of work and oftentimes for NOT much money when all said and done!  So yes, this is a shameless request – if you are out shopping for gifts and/or food please stop by the Bayview Farmer’s Market TODAY!  10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Indoors in the Bayview Farm and Garden greenhouse (thanks to Maureen Murphy so generously letting the market move there for the winter markets.

Because, it goes a long way to making it worth it when we sell LOADS of product. (Plus that really helps pay the bills too!).  And when you buy local you are hopefully not only getting a great local product, but supporting your neighbors, your community and the amazing place we live.  It’s a win-win.

So we hope to see you at market today!  Here’s a list of what we’ll have today to get you tempted:

* Brussels sprouts * Onions * Garlic (really good selection to stop up on today!) * Rutabaga * Potatoes * Leeks * Shallots * Parsnips * Brussels greens (like kale) * Dry Beans * Garlic Braids * Carrots * Cabbage * Winter Squash * Pie Pumpkins and more!

Thanks for your support.  It means everything!

Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm


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