2015 Season: Ready with the Veggies!

That’s right!  Willowood is back in action!

Well, okay, we’ve been in action pretty much all winter and spring.  But, starting tomorrow, we’re back in action at the Bayview Farmer’s Market!  Now last year, we decided to forgo the regular season market.  And I’m glad we did.  We were so dang busy and so much going on last year, not quite sure HOW we would have handled the market too.  But, as summer wrapped up, and the dust (literally) settled, we started back at Bayview and had a great time selling there in the last season and through the fall markets.

So much fun that, we decided to come back for the full season this year.  Now, I’ve have to be honest, the farmer’s markets aren’t the most profitable place for us to sell our veggies.  Not that’s they aren’t profitable, but our margins are much better with our direct to restaurant and specialty grocery store sales which makes up the bulk of Willowood produce sales.  But…the thing is…we really like going to market!  We like seeing our customers and we like being able to have a venue where we can really show you EVERYTHING we offer.  And, while it’s way to early to make announcements, we talk a lot about several different venues that would make our food more available direct to loyal customers.  Hope to be able to do some of those things over the next few years. So going to the Bayview Farmers Market keeps us out there, touching base with you, our loyal customers, and hopefully keeping you excited about supporting our farm by buying our produce!20150420_101512

So, now that I got that off my chest….We’ve got lots of new faces on the farm.
Or at least, sorta new.  Many of you probably met my Farm Manager Adam at the fall and winter markets last year.  He’s quite the dapper guy…

And then their’s Cas20150311_071108ey, our Field Assistant.

Plus…we have a great crew of farm interns this year.  Five of them!  (with another coming in July!).  Lovely, 20150421_121352amazing young folks like Sage here, with her dirty face.  And Luke, planting fava beans in March.

And all these wonde20150309_154339rful

folks mean we have been busy busy planting and, already, harvesting!  Crops like these vibrant French Breakfast Radishes!  And amazing Baby Head Lettuce out of our hoop house.20150415_112111

So, we hope we see you at the Bayview Farmer’s 20150408_100857Market tomorrow.  We even got new tents!  (look for the green ones!).  We’ll be bringing:

Head lettuce, Mesclun mix, Arugula, Pea Vines, Radishes, Green Garlic, Leeks, Winter Squash, Kale, Braising Greens and Mikey from Whidbey Green Goods will have asparagus!

Here’s to the start of a GREAT season!

Farmer Georgie, Willowood Farm


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